Southern Cross Windmill


Southern Cross Windmills provide an economical pumping solution

The Iconic Southern Cross windmill was designed and named by the C.H.(Bert) Griffiths foundry of Toowoomba in 1903. Southern Cross windmills serve as a monument in Australia's rural development, to the hardships and the ingenuity of the pioneers, and, not least of all, to the establishment of 'Southern Cross' as a brand of quality agricultural products. Southern Cross still produce the "IZ" Pattern Windmill. 

The modern Southern Cross "IZ" Pattern Windmill is double geared and self-oiling.


Stock watering, domestic water supplies, tank or dam filling and pumping from deep bores, dams and over long distances


             Southern Cross windmills operate using renewable energy which is reliable, clean and non-polluting

             No fuel or power bills

             All weather operation with the only requirement being a light breeze for operation, day or   night and in all weather conditions

             Ideal for remote areas eliminating the need for transport, fuel or to install power lines

             Windwheel Diameters: 1.8m (6ft),  2.4m (8ft), 3.0m (10ft), 3.6m (12 ft) and 4.3m (14ft)

             Tower Heights: 6m (20ft), 7.6m (25ft), 9m (30ft), 12m (40ft), 15m (50’) and 18m (60ft)



             Automatic oiling and governing

             Powerful windwheels for easy starting and excellent pumping ability

             Designed to pump from deep bore holes and over long distances

             Simple to install and maintain

             All working parts run in oil and are sealed against weather

             All exposed steel parts are hot dip galvanised

             Simple reefing gear

             Very low maintenance and time proven reliability


Design Features

             Long wearing nitrile rubber pump buckets

             Heavy wall, stainless steel barrel

             300mm (12”) stroke

             Pump sizes: 50mm (2inches), 65mm (2 1/2inches), 75mm (3inches) and 100mm (4inches)

             Towers are optional 3 or 4 post

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